Spark Creativity in Work and Living Spaces with Danese Milano

May 2021 - Design brand Danese Milano presents a range of products to revitalise the work-from-home office and living area, updating desk arrangements and wall spaces with joyful, contemporary pieces.

Pictured below is the newly launched Oramai wall clock, designed in 2021 by Giulio lacchetti. Available in forest green or grey, Oramai is a playful take on a familiar object featuring a magnetic base that enables each numerical digit to be positioned, and re-positioned, as pleased.



Also new to the collection is Cinque, Il Lupo, a silkscreen print by Enzo Mari, known for isolating fragments of everyday life and simplifying images into symbols. Mari's Cinque, Il Lupo joins a wider print collection available at Danese.


To illuminate the workspace is the Amàmi table lamp, designed by Naoto Fukasawa. The simple but sculptural silhouette emits a radiant glow, setting the atmosphere for concentration.

Meanwhile, the Itka table lamp, also designed by Naoto Fukasawa, presents a timeless shape with a naturally warm light which sits atop a sleek, minimal base.


Pictured below is a wider selection of Danese Milano products, instilling character in office and living spaces.

  1. Sula, €159 | £138.22, Giulio lacchetti for Danese
  2. Calendario Bilancia, €92 | £79.98, Enzo Mari for Danese
  3. Window Garden Table, €645 | £560.70, Bjarke Ingels Group for Danese
  4. Cicladi, €330 | £286.87, Enzo Mari for Danese
  5. Venezia | Pisa | Torcello, from €156 | £135.61, Ron Gilad for Danese
  6. Timor, €124 | £107.79, Enzo Mari for Danese
  7. Due, La Pera, €135 | £117.36, Enzo Mari for Danese
  8. The Alphabet, €150 | £130.40, Bjarke Ingels Group for Danese
  9. Murano D, €605 | £525.93, Enzo Mari for Danese


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Founded by Ernesto Gismondi in 1960, Artemide is headquartered in Pregnana Milanese, Italy. Artemide’s products are distributed in almost 100 different countries. With five production plants in Italy, France, Hungary and Canada, a glass furnace and a Research and Development center supported by prototype labs and cutting edge test equipment, the Artemide group employs more than 650 people, 60 of which work in R&D, a testament to the pivotal role innovation plays in the company’s success. Each of Artemide’s lights is instilled with the energy of a company that invests in research and development, supports Made in Italy, produces in Europe, and has a great reputation worldwide.