Extend Summer Evenings with Portable and Outdoor Lighting

April 2021


Bontà, from €690 // £600.33 
Designed by Attila Veress and Davide Oldani

Reflecting on the interaction between light and food, designer Attila Veress and Chef Davide Oldani worked together to create Bonta, a portable lamp that engages with each element of the tabletop dining experience. Interchangeable serveware pieces sit atop a unique hand-worked glass base, the delicate texture of which is brought to life by a soft inner light.

"O", from €1,030.90 // £839.01 ​
Designed by Elemental

Available as a ground and suspended outdoor version, "O" is an elegant, structural object that frames nature and suggests perspectives with a slim circular frame. Soft, non-glare light can be adjusted with sensors and the Artemide App to ensure focused operation.

Curiosity, €295 // £256.11
Designed by Davide Oppizzi

Curiosity is a portable tabletop lamp, designed as a frame to spotlight and showcase objects. It omits a warm amber light, and holds up to twenty-six hours of energy, enabling it to act as a striking centrepiece in an outdoor dining experience.

Gople Portable and Gople Outdoor, from €250 // £217.04
Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group

Available as both a portable light, or an outdoor fixture, the Gople pieces emit a soft and diffused light, adjustable to three different brightness settings. Well suited for multi-use settings, the Gople Outdoor can be positioned freely - either hung from above, placed on a tabletop, or mounted on a pole.

Come Together, from €195 // £169.29
Designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Designed to be transported, the Come Together light draws from a highly efficient rechargeable battery, which is capable of emitting 16 hours of light from a single charge. The durable, futuristic structure consists of a transparent body and ringed gradients which carry and distribute light.


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About Artemide

Founded by Ernesto Gismondi in 1960, Artemide is headquartered in Pregnana Milanese, Italy. Artemide’s products are distributed in almost 100 different countries. With five production plants in Italy, France, Hungary and Canada, a glass furnace and a Research and Development center supported by prototype labs and cutting edge test equipment, the Artemide group employs more than 650 people, 60 of which work in R&D, a testament to the pivotal role innovation plays in the company’s success. Each of Artemide’s lights is instilled with the energy of a company that invests in research and development, supports Made in Italy, produces in Europe, and has a great reputation worldwide.