Tolomeo Integralis® by Artemide
Tolomeo Integralis® by Artemide

Artemide, known worldwide for its know-how in the lighting sector, is pleased to announce that the Tolomeo lamp, designed in 1987 by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, is now available in the new INTEGRALIS® version, which makes our living spaces safer by sanitizing the surfaces it lightens. 

Tolomeo has perfect light quality: a neutral white (color temperature is 3600K) with a great chromatic effect. At the same time, the PURE INTEGRALIS® light technology, developed and patented by Artemide, and tested in this case with the Department of Biotechnologies and Life Sciences at the University of Insubria, makes pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and mold on the lighted surfaces completely harmless, inhibiting their growth and diffusion, or even eliminating them. The active effect on pathogenic microorganisms derives from a special range of the light spectrum: a calibered dose of short waves of the visible spectrum in the violet range, which doesn’t interfere with our perception and which doesn’t cause any harm to humans, animals and plants. 

Tolomeo INTEGRALIS® is a combination of the iconic Tolomeo’s functionality while adding, when the lamp’s light is on, an active effort towards sanitising public or private spaces, at work and at home. It is the perfect solution for the office desk, for coworking and desk sharing spaces, in home offices, and in public spaces such as medical clinics, receptions, hotel rooms, wherever people may interact with one another.

The new Tolomeo INTEGRALIS® will be unveiled on occasion of the upcoming edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan (6-12 June 2022).


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About Artemide

Founded by Ernesto Gismondi in 1960, Artemide is headquartered in Pregnana Milanese, Italy. Artemide’s products are distributed in almost 100 different countries. With five production plants in Italy, France, Hungary and Canada, a glass furnace and a Research and Development center supported by prototype labs and cutting edge test equipment, the Artemide group employs more than 650 people, 60 of which work in R&D, a testament to the pivotal role innovation plays in the company’s success. Each of Artemide’s lights is instilled with the energy of a company that invests in research and development, supports Made in Italy, produces in Europe, and has a great reputation worldwide.